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Blxck Carbon Collective, located in Lakewood Colorado is the home to Russell McCabe, Avery Miller, and Don Montoya.  Three of Colorado's best all in one place to bring you only the highest of quality in all things art!  


From paintings, to digital art, and of course tattoos, each artist at Blxck Carbon Collective offers many different mediums for each and every one of our clients.

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Colorado native, tattoo artist, and also the proud owner of Blxck Carbon Collective, Russell has been in the tattoo industry for over 4 years as a professional who specializes in Black & Grey Realism, Ornamental/Mandala, and Floral pattern work.  Driven by pure artistic freedom, and the world around him, Russell shares his passion, and love for tattooing in every piece he does with a 100% custom approach as to capture the true nature that every piece deserves.

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After training as an artist in Michigan, Alabama, and Sweden, Avery began tattooing in Grand Rapids Michigan in 2019.  Inspired by the holistic observation of nature, the spiritual and occult traditions of cultures all over the globe, and pushing his own body to physical limits, he brings a conceptual approach to the design of his tattoos.  Avery's goal is to share tattoos that leave a lasting mark for you in your head and your heart as well as on your skin.  Specializing in Blackwork, Geometric, and Ornamental styles, he provides a clean and bold aesthetic that will stand the test of time.  Arriving in Denver in the fall of 2020 he is excited to meet you and share meaningful time creating art together.

Don   Montoya 


Don Montoya AKA (Denver Don).  Born and raised in Denver Colorado, Don is inspired by his family, his creativity, as well as his surroundings.  He has a strong drive for black and grey, custom script, realistic tattoos, but also very versatile, and confident to execute any work of art.  He enjoys expressing his art through multiple mediums including painting and drawing!  

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How do I book an appointment with an artist?

- Booking an artist is easy.  Click on the BOOK NOW tab and select the artist you want and click the REQUEST TO BOOK tab and fill out the necessary information

What are your tattoo hourly rates?

- Each artist has a different hourly rate.  In order to find that out you must fill out a booking request to the specific artist you are interested in and they will contact you back ASAP with their hourly rate and any other information requested.

Do you require a deposit in order to book a tattoo?

- Yes!  Any tattoo appointment that has been approved by any of our artists will require that you put down a deposit in order to hold your spot in their books!  We will not hold spots unless a deposit is made.

What if I need to reschedule?

- No problem!  As long as you contact us with at least 48 hours notice we can reschedule your appointment without the loss of a deposit.  If your 30 minutes late to your appointment or you no show, you will forfeit any deposit made and a new deposit will need to be made in order to book another session.

Can I see my drawing before my appointment?

-Unfortunately, we do not do this anymore to avoid stolen art as each one of our artists prides themselves on the time and dedication they put into every piece they create.  We will have a design ready for you the day of your appointment and we will schedule enough time to make any necessary changes needed.  

Do you do cover up's or fix other artist's work?

- We certainly can but please keep in mind that each artist is different with this so please be sure to include this in your BOOKING REQUEST as not every artist does this.

Do you do hand or finger tattoos?

-Yes we do!  However, keep in mind the fallout rate is much higher than an arm or a leg and because of this, we DO NOT DO FREE TOUCH UPS for these specific areas because of the healing process.  

What should I do before my appointment?

-HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!  Staying hydrated is the most important thing you can do before your appointment!  Also, be sure that you have eaten a meal at least an hour prior to your session to avoid low blood sugar and passing out due to pain that can come from tattooing.  Bring snacks as we take breaks as necessary.  Lotion the area the night before as to help the ink saturation.  After all, nobody wants to get dry skin tattooed as it hurts like hell!


Pre-made designs?  

-Great question!  Each artist has their own way of going about booking their pre-made designs so please go to the artist whose pre-made design you're wanting and include it in the description of your BOOKING REQUEST and they will contact you about pricing!

How should I take care of my tattoo?

-Each artist heals their tattoo's a little different but aftercare instructions will be discussed as well as given to you via paper/text  following your tattoo!  The most important part of the healing process will be 100% your responsibility so please take note of your artist's healing regimen to avoid any unnecessary damage or rough healing!


Feel free to email us at blxckcarboncollective@gmail.com for any more questions you might have that we haven't covered! 





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